Bench Craft Company Expands Again



Bench Craft Company extends its reach on the East Coast and in the Midwest

While most businesses are still struggling to stay afloat during the economic crisis, Bench Craft Company is expanding again. This month Bench Craft Company opened two new offices. One office in Elkhorn, Nebraska will allow Bench Craft Company to serve more golf courses in the Midwest and give businesses the opportunity to reach more golfers in that part of the country. Bench Craft Company also opened a new office in Newark, Delaware. The expansion is another sign of Bench Craft Company’s commitment to serving courses and businesses on the East Coast.

Bench Craft company opened its doors in 1982. The company now serves more than 1400 courses across the country.
Bench Craft Company corporate headquarters are located in a 43,000 square foot facility in Portland, Oregon. The company also operates six offices across the country.
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