Bench Craft Company has been doing business since 1982 and is the largest provider of custom designed golf tee signs and benches nationwide, supplying our products and services to over 1400 golf courses. Our present courses are located in 27 states from coast to coast. We also provide custom display boards, ball washers and scorecards. Our program has been designed to meet the needs of every golf course.

Golf courses receive our products and services at NO EXPENSE. Our sales staff directly funds the program by obtaining sponsors for each product. Local vendors and players receive sponsorship priority, and golf course management approves every potential sponsor.

Our system offers golf courses a free alternative that also eliminates costs arising from design changes, course modifications, theft and vandalism. As an added benefit, each course is covered under our $3,000,000 liability poilicy. Our company can accommodate virtually every golf course.

Benchcraft works with all branches of the Armed Forces, as well as state, county and city golf courses. We are a member of the USGA and numerous parks & recreation societies, a corporate sponsor of the AT&T Pebble Beach Open, and support many local clubs and organizations.

Call 1-800-824-8311 or visit our official website at www.benchcraftcompany.com for more information.

For current job opportunities and to submit your resume, please e-mail us.

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