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Bench Craft Company-Making Courses Even Greener

Bench Craft Company Helps Courses ‘Go Green’
With the recession still in full swing, more courses are turning to Bench Craft Company to supply free course guides, scorecards, benches, tee signs and ball washers. But in addition to saving thousands of dollars a year, Bench Craft Company is helping courses go green. To begin with, our products are made of recycled redwood and cedar. And as time and weather take their toll, our crews do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint.
Benches and tee signs are periodically taken off courses, brought back to our wherehouse and recycled. Crews sand the wood and re-stain it. The steel legs are also sandblasted and re-powder coated.  Bench Craft crews then assemble the recycled pieces and get the product back out on the course. Our materials can last 10 to 20 years, saving courses money and saving the environment at the same time.
Bench Craft company opened its doors in 1982. We now serve more than 1400 courses across the country.
Our corporate headquarters are located in our 43,000 square foot facility in Portland, Oregon. We also operate eight offices across the country to ensure we maintain a close connection with the courses we serve.